By: Isra Shams

It’s becoming progressively important for businesses to think about comprising videos in their marketing approach. Incorporating videos into your digitally launched website for marketing is a given platform especially if you’re an e-commerce company. With a product to sell, it makes sense for potential customers to be able to take a look before making a buying decision. Otherwise, it’s a nice addition that businesses can take or leave, depending on their level of technical know-how. In point of fact, that’s no longer the case and video marketing has become more significant for businesses interested in SEO (search-engine optimization), conversion rates and click-through to increase online visibility. It’s also an important tool in developing a recognizable and memorable brand identity. As most businesses realize the importance of having the right keywords embedded in their website’s text, so are they now coming round to the benefits of having video as well? According to an expert and head of a video production company, “Video can convey your message quickly and is more appealing than reading text on a web page.” He further stated, “Research shows that people absorb and retain information much easier when both visual and audio components are used.”


“Including web video gives your prospective clients a personal look at your team. It allows you to talk about your company – its structure, mission and specific areas of expertise and services you provide. Your staff can talk about their roles and what they like about their jobs.”  We live in an online age where ‘people buy from people’, by doing so, you are showing potential clients who you are. You’re relating to them before ever meeting them. They aren’t just reading text on your website; they’re seeing and hearing the people behind your company. This helps increase your credibility and gives the client confidence in you.


“Use web video to talk about topics that are relevant to clients and that demonstrate your expertise in regulations, new legislation etc.” Through these videos, one could also talk about company updates; latest news, projects, facilities, services, products, achievements and personnel. Of course, representing your product is imperative; you can focus its benefits and display to the customers exactly what it does and how to use it. Furthermore, client case study and testimonial web videos from your happiest customers can have a dominant influence on existing and prospective business.


“If you search on Google you’re likely to find both web and video results.”  Having varied content on your website like videos, images and texts, it will be beneficial in terms of SEO. Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to link to the videos and will allow viewers to share the videos with their social network.


“The idea has to be engaging – ask yourself what effect you want the film to have on your audience.” There’s an extensive bond among the region’s authorities as to what the basis of any video offer should be – ‘A good idea.’ It’s about incorporating ideas and messages. With a possible worldwide audience, it also has to be planned and organized.  Think about the acuity you’re producing by making this film; it has to be accurate or the consequence on your business could be damaging. It may seem intimidating, but your first online video occurrence need not be difficult and complex but instead, simple and precise. You can do it yourself or ask a professional, just make sure you do it right.