FIA to take action on social media users spreading fake news against Pak Army

The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has commanded the Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to take a strict against all those people who, in any form, are involved in spreading fake or malicious news on social media against Pakistan Army.

While explaining the reason of this strict action he said that Pakistan’s constitution allows complete freedom of expression to be practiced by the populace, but that isn’t applicable to the matters of national defense. The statement issued to the public read, “Ridiculing the army or its officers under the garb of freedom of expression is unacceptable.”

FIA has been commanded to keep a check on social media and take a stern action against all those who are involved in discrimination against ARMY irrespective of their affiliation with any influential force.

As per the inside sources, it has been hinted that the decision was taken after social media users started criticizing military extensively after Dawn Leaks issue.

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