Fake NAB official arrested for corruption worth millions from public

Recently, a fake ‘Financial and Consumer Affairs’ minister was arrested by Federal Investigation Bureau (FIA) for fooling government and even the Prime Minister office. And now, a fake National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer has been caught by the police officials in Karachi.

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As detailed by the Brigade police in Karachi, Muhammad Saad impersonated to be a fake NAB officer and looted millions of rupees from the citizens. He had promised people, employment in government offices but failed to provide them due to only being an imposter and not a legit authority.

Police arrested Saad during a raid, but he tried to resist and flee. Saad’s partner Abbas has also been charged for defrauding as well, and was caught prior to the recent arrest being made.

Police came to know about this fraud when one of Saad’s victims filed a complaint regarding the incident, claiming that he had conned hard earned money of the people.

As suggested by the reports, the culprit had plundered Rs. 600,000 from a person named Danish and another Rs. 270,000 from Amir, just two names out of the list of victims.

Thus, again this question arises; “How unapt can our authorities be?” It is startling but worse to see the hard earned money of innocent people being looted by scams. It is a point worth pondering over that the department which has been established to find out black sheep is populated by them itself. This is yet another case to add to the list of incompetency of this government, making this population a laughing stock among the masses.