'FAKE' Financial & Consumer Affairs Minister worked with Govt for 6 years

How incompetent Pakistani government has that remains to be gauged, because there seems to be no limit to its ineptness. In a recent mocking disclosure, the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIA) has arrested a fake minister, who tricked government departments and even conned the PM house for more than six hours.

Salamat Ali Chauhan faked to be a federal minister of Financial and Consumer Affairs. What’s more pathetic is that before the current government tenure, this man pretended to be the minister and wasn’t caught even when the Ministry oath taking took place. The FIA finally caught hold of him on Saturday.

Salamat Chauhan had his own office, official number issued by PTCL, and he had submitted the request to get official security and cars. Mr. Chauhan also demanded security from District Coordination Officer (DCO) Lahore and was accepted. He had also been looting public and taking bribes and loans from them, making millions in return. This fake minister also extracted favours from the authorities too, writing letters to PM House and the ministry of finance for help, which were received and acknowledged by the concerned too.

Making Pakistan and its government’s capability a laughing stock, Salamat Chauhan had asked PM for a meeting to discuss the extent of increasing unemployment in Pakistan.

For now, fake Financial and Consumer Affairs minister has been shifted to undisclosed location by FIA officials for further investigation.

Defying the common sense and making this situation even more bizarre, a fake minister working for more than six years is a big question mark on the authorities and safety of this nation. Is it so easy to fool power, authority, office and relationship with the government and Prime Minister in Pakistan?