An Exclusive Interview with Zubair Ghangra, Director Marketing - Unique Group of Industries

BM: Tell us about your educational and professional background.
ZG: I am a simple man with no glorious background. I had a truly humble beginning after I graduated in commerce and hit the streets with the one thing my family taught me; to enterprise. Sales had always attracted me, so I did what would teach me most about it. I started a chain of general stores and learnt the trade of basic commodities. Soon, I knew any shop would be too small for me and Alhumdulilah, in due time, I found out what I could do best.

BM: How did Unique become a part of your life? In such a short period of time, how did you manage to cater to the masses in such a competitive market?
ZG: A true businessman lives and breathes his market. That is why Unique is more than just a business for me; I see it as my contribution to the people around me, the markets we serve and the society we live in. Giving has been our guideline from day one. A quality product where the manufacturer gives more than he takes, it gets picked up in the masses like no other. It is the promise of setting quality benchmarks that has made Unique what it is today. And so, Alhumdulilah, Unique has done wonders as a brand.

BM: How would you differ Unique from other motorcycle manufacturing brands operating in Pakistan?
ZG: In a vanilla market, it is indeed a valid question. But when it comes to Unique, it already has a differentiation not just in terms of reliability, but a product that offers superb quality and consistency. Other than our Unique UD70 Xtreme, we offer UD125 and UD100, which is a rather different shape and a unique product offering altogether. We meet world class standards when it comes to expanding our portfolio and improving each individual product, year after year.

BM: Unique is best known for its motorcycles, does that affect the business of your other products?
ZG: No, it doesn’t. We are proud of our diversity. A good brand always holds the potential of growing across categories and Alhumdulilah, we have done the same. Our group repute far exceeds the strength of each of our individual products. When we serve a variety of audiences across different categories with the same passion and performance, it makes us being both, a reliable brand and business.

An Exclusive Interview with Zubair Ghangra, Director Marketing - Unique Group of Industries

BM: What is the USP of Unique?
ZG: First and foremost, Unique believes in the highest quality standards; be it motorcycles, rickshaws, generators or any other category and market that we serve. Our constant first hand interaction with the market, consumers and our overall approach to being innovative makes us ‘Unique’.

BM: Living in an era where people question quality, how do you assure your customers that Unique is the best choice for them?
ZG: Quality is not about assuring as much as it is about ensuring. It starts from getting the highest quality parts from the best vendors in the world, setting up a world-class standard manufacturing facility, employing best man & machine practices, then checking & rechecking each and every individual unit to ensure that it is made to the highest standards. Furthermore, our dealer network serves as our customer communication point in the rare case of a quality concern.

BM: What initiatives do you want to further introduce in Unique?
ZG: Alhumdulilah, with the success of my brands, Unique, sky is the limit. We have already diversified in the food business with ‘Unique Foods’ selling Ajwa – One of the renowned cooking oil and banaspati brand, including; Unique Generators and Rickshaws, Unique Paper Mills and soon we will also be launching Unique Batteries. Furthermore, our research and business development wing is always flying high.

BM: What is the defining point of your life?
ZG: I remember being a scrap dealer and coming across this plastic waste from a manufacturer that was up for sale. After I heard that nobody in the market was interested in bidding for it; I headed to the site. I saw the merchandise and bid the best I could, which surprised the market. I don’t know why I did that, but I had a strong feeling about it. Believe me, it was the best lot of scrap I have ever bought and sold in my life. It gave me results beyond expectation. On that day I said to myself, “Zubair, if the Force be with you, you could make anything work.” And so, I made up my business modus operandi; go for it and that’s it.

An Exclusive Interview with Zubair Ghangra, Director Marketing - Unique Group of Industries

BM: What is your style of management? Are your employees empowered or do you take all the decisions of the company?
ZG: ‘Right people for the right job’ is our philosophy at work. Our talent is handpicked to suit the needs of the market. It isn’t easy to bond with vendors and dealers across the world with the best pool of resources and people, to create a brand that speaks success. Besides, we are a closely knitted family that works together and is wholeheartedly involved in everything that we do.

BM: Running a local business, what is your opinion regarding foreign affiliation for the growth of the company?
ZG: Alhumdulilah, our brand and business have both grown well. We already have alliances with renowned global vendors when it comes to managing the needs of our present business and we are always on a look out for global partnerships to expand further.