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Electricity meters of Pakistan to be replaced by smart meters


Pakistanis are soon to get rid of the old electricity meter and reading system replaced by electronic meters which will feature a SIM card.

This is not a new or revolutionary technology as its been present in various countries of the world while we still rely on people to record the meter readings.

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has completed the bidding documents for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which are yet to be approved by the Asian Development Bank. In this project the company will install 1.8 million advanced meters over the course of four years where Rs. 30 billion will be provided by the Asian Development Bank.

This new metering system will automate the billing system where the system will send the data of meter reading directly to the server to further generate an electronic electricity bill.

New technology will auto-disconnect electricity for non-payment. It can help save consumption of electricity by keeping the electricity thieves at bay. Also, LESCO will no longer need to send someone to disrupt someone’s electricity supply in case of non-payment of dues as they can cut off the user’s supply from the grid station.

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