Dr Amir Liaquat denies all rumours of leaving Bol TV

According to latest media updates, it has been clearly stated by Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain that he has no plans of leaving Bol TV.

The senior anchor and host was rumoured to be leaving the channel and joining 24 News. It was said that there had been internal meetings regarding the shift, but Amir Liaquat has put a stop to all the news through his tweets.

As soon as the news spread out, the only thing everyone could think about was of the mega Ramadan transmission that Amir Liaquat is going to host this year on Bol TV.

Nonetheless, with the much awaited Ramzan transmission of Bol TV that is to be hosted by Amir Liaquat, it was hard to see him leaving Bol for channel 24 News.

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