Divorce rate is increasing in Pakistan. But why?


Department of Mass Communication, Karachi University.

In the last two decades there is a rise in divorce rate in Pakistan. Pakistani society is moving towards modern urbanization, men and woman are getting independent and would like to seek divorce then remaining in a dysfunctional marriage.

The main reasons are lack of sacrifice, greed, joint family system, difference in social status, forced marriages by family, unreasonable expectations of spouse, lack of trust and one of the main budding reason is the highly career oriented women.

In the light of Islam, Surah Al Baqarah describes the situation as:

”AND IF YOU FEAR THAT THE TWO (I.e Husband and wife) may not be able to keep the limits ordered by ALLAH, there is no blame on either of them if she redeems herself (from marriage tie).”

Divorce is something which is hated by ALLAH, but it is allowed because there are situations where divorce is the only option. It is not beneficial to raise children in an unstable home. Most of the divorces take place due to lack of communication plus inferiority complex.

With the divorce rate on the increase in Pakistan, women are becoming increasingly independent – often placing their careers before family and husband. So, many women getting higher education is one reason that they want to achieve more, often neglecting their responsibilities at hand.

On the other hand, divorce cases are increasing day by day because women from all segments of society are fully aware of their rights.

When you get married, you enter into an agreement to consider your spouse when making life changing decisions and you are supposed to love them.

It is important that both the partners have their own style of upbringing, values and beliefs. Both have experienced life in their own perspective till you got married. It is not possible for both of husband wife to think and do alike in all matters. Respect each others views and compromise where ever necessary to retain domestic and mental peace.

To control increasing divorce rate, the husband and wife should develop patience, trust and friendship for one another and should take care of their respective responsibilities.