Rising from the ashes; Dewan Motors to make a comeback

Yousuf Dewan Companies (YDC) was one of the largest companies of Pakistan during the mid-2000s era. Ranging from textile, cement, automobiles, sugar and to finally fertilizers; the company had done it all.

Due to tons of loans taken for running the operations; YDC had to face consecutive losses which left the business in turmoil. Formerly known as Dewan Group, the company had to take over a debt of around Rs40 billion.

Since then, the business had taken a setback; but now; Dewan Yousuf Farooqui is coming back with novel business ideas in mind. By selling and liquefying other businesses’, YDC is set to make his company’s name in one sector only and that is automobile industry; through Dewan Motors.

Dewan Motor’s trucks faced a setback when Hyundai’s Shehzore trucks made an entry into the market. However, it is geared up to come back with a new sort of truck; built with the collaboration of Laos-based Kolao Group.

Kolao and Dewan have started assembling the Daehan trucks in Pakistan. The Laos-based group had invested around $3 million for bringing a modern change in Dewan Farooque Motor’s existing plant. The first batch of the trucks is expected to be made public in next few weeks.

Well, we wish that Dewan Motors succeed in making a dazzling comeback in the Pakistani automobile sector.