‘Online’ is the new life. This technology obsessed society has led us to hook our lives with everything that is digital and anything that is up on the internet. However, this has made it extremely difficult for the online community to gauge whether they are living the life of lie, fraud or deceit or not.

Very few know that countries like UK have passed the highly invasive Investigatory Powers Bill AKA the Snooper’s Charter which, if doesn’t barred, would track the moves of the online community for about 12 months. So, it has become quite difficult from people around the world to trim their online presence and to erase a bit of their trace from the World Wide Web; owing to the fact that an average individual has about 1,000,000,000 preferences, passwords, subscriptions and linked accounts.

So if you are going by worrying that how are you going to track all your history down and delete it; here is how you can have a pit stop on your worries, sometimes single clicks or tips can save you the burden of extensive online torture:

Hacks To Erase Your Digital Footprint:

Here are some easy hacks to help you maintain a low, untraceable online portfolio;

  • Delete all those social media pages you are inactive on or don’t like to use regularly.
  • Keep changing your passwords, it will become difficult to crack into your system.
  • Use separate password for separate accounts.
  • Check your privacy settings and change them if they doesn’t need to be public.
  • Go to ‘My Activity’ section of your Google account, wipe all search and location history and change account preferences.
  • Use search engines which do not track your online activity.
  • ‘Unsubscribe’ each spam email, before blocking it.
  • Do not list your number online and if have already done so, ensure to remove it. Just Delete Me/ Account Killer:

Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck, two famous Ikea style companies, have created which is a site that allows the users to log in to their Google account and get a peak onto the apps and services they have been utilizing.

Delete yourself from the online world with few tips and a simple 'click'

The best part about this site is that you won’t have to waste your time searching shady sites you used or the bogus accounts you accessed, the site directly links you to the relevant pages that need un-subscription. Thus, you get your work done for free and without any hassle.

The only setback of this site is that the service is currently not up for your Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. You can use Just Delete Me or Account Killer for the same service, but it would be necessary for you to have the know-how’s of your online portfolio.

Make the use of social media to minimal. Remove your accounts from the sites which are not mandatory. Live your life in ease by following simple yet easy rules.