Today's decision turns out to be the biggest joke in history of Pakistan

20-04-2017 – A date that had been embedded in the minds of every Pakistani, owing to the magnanimous Panama Leaks decision that had to be taken today. While people were all set to welcome whatever decision may come their way, albeit the fair one, it turned out to be something completely unexpected and out of reach of the masses.

People had high hopes that Supreme Court will take a just and fair decision; a decision that was highly expected to be against Nawaz Sharif, his sons and PML-N Government. But, as the clock struck two, everything turned upside down, with court ruling in the favour of PM Nawaz and ordering to initiate a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to completely probe the overseas property and corruption case against the alleged family.

What will turn out of the final report of JIT? Obviously, the decision will be presented in the Supreme Court, which in turn will do what happened today. Disappointed? An understatement!

Being a writer, it disappoints and pains me to say that the future of Pakistani corruption and politics against seem in conundrums. With the final decision already in loop, we can already expect that the JIT will turn out in favour of whom? No doubt that whenever we expect something completely positive from this administration and management, it turns that we have something definitely out of the blue to began with. RIP Justice. RIP good governance.

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