Is the world going to get crazy, as the Smartphone will eventually die?

Have you ever wondered where all the telegraphs, beepers and fax machines went? Or did you ever thought that this could happen with the Smartphones too? Obviously, you did not! Because, in this day and age of mobile phones, one could not think of spending their life without this technology. But let me break it to you, Smartphones are going to vanish off the face of this Earth – one day soon.

We are yet to go through a decade more to come across this gigantic transformation, but the foundation has already been laid for the death of the smartphone era. The culprits in this impending transformation are Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Elon Musk and all the other startups that are dominating technology landscape.

No matter when it happens, no matter how much time it takes, smartphones are going to die and this other-worldly shift is going to have weird impact on this obsessive generation. Here is a sneak peek to the future that lies ahead:

The Initial Stage:

People conceive of Smartphone as the easily carried version of laptops and computers; all the elements you get on these devices are shrunken and embedded into a phone which just fits into your pocket. It contains all the data you need to pass or enjoy your life with. But, one thing is clear here, it is just an advancement and not a REVOLUTION. Smartphones had nothing special in them except the size.

The future of the communication has now become “Augmented Reality” – Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, VR headsets. These all are being experimented with and within a time to come, these will rule the world instead of smartphones.

The Developmental Phase:

What would happen and how a smartphone will be replaced? All the technology leaders around the world are working on augmented-reality headsets that could easily project 3D images into your eyes and all the features of a smartphone would be embedded in your eyes.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman during his conversation with Business Insider revealed:

“Augmented reality could flat-out replace the smartphone, the TV, and anything else with a screen. There’s not much use for a separate device sitting in your pocket or on your entertainment center if all your calls, chats, movies, and games are beamed into your eyes and overlaid on the world around you.”

In simpler words, your TV, Computer/ Laptop, smartphone, smartwatch will all be hijacked into a simple, singular thing and the technology would become simpler yet crazier than ever. Not only will you direct this technology but it will talk to you back, just like Apple Siri and there is certainly more to come.

The Final Verdict:

The final call? The new tech that is going to replace smartphone will certainly be wearables. Even when glasses or headsets, you will have to carry it along, but it will certainly end that stamp of smartphones.

A glimpse into future? Just this week Elon Musk’s Neuralink was showcased for the first time. This company has been built with a goal to build computers into the brains of humans. This is certainly the weird and crazy transition we talked about, as humans and machines are going to become one.

There is nothing shocking in here as AR is already taking us virtually into the world of nothingness, embedding it into our brains for lifetimes isn’t that surprising. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has already predicted the cyborg futures of humans from a long time now.

So, if and when the Smartphone is going to die, it is not going to be an end to just a technology but opening a chapter to whole new world. Humans will become the leaving, breathing testament of technology themselves. Smartphones gave us power, but embedding everything into our brains will give us superpower on in short will make us superhuman.

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