Death rate rises up to 26 in Gaddani 'ship-breaking blast'

As revealed, from an explosion and fire at the Gaddani ship-breaking yard last week, has risen up-to to 26.

It has been further said that more than 50 others were wounded in the incident when a gas cylinder exploded and started a fire inside an oil tanker in the shipyard.

“Six more wounded from the Gadani shipyard have died, so the new toll is now 26,” Zulfiqar Hashmi, a local government official, told AFP.

“One person died at home after being discharged from hospital while five others expired in hospital,” he added.

Pakistan has banned all activities at the ship-breaking yard in Gaddani for now, so nobody else could get affected.

A high-level committee formed by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to investigate the causes of the fire held its first meeting in the port city of Karachi, earlier this week, and said that it would finalise a report within a week.

Industrial accidents are common in Pakistan, with workplaces often forgoing basic safety measures and equipment in the absence of legislation to protect labourers.

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