Is Darren Sammy finally going to embrace Islam?

Darren Sammy might be ready to embrace Islam sometime soon, hopeful Javed Afridi has expressed. He has high expectations that Sammy may opt for the religion change sometime soon. He further revealed that the West Indian player is studying Islam due to him and it is definitely one of his biggest achievements till date.

“Let’s all pray Sammy converts to Islam’ said willing Javed Afridi who was the team owner while the ace-player stole the victory for Zalmi with PSL 2.

Darren Sammy became the highlight of PSL due to his charming personality and down to earth persona. He came to Pakistan for finale and was impressed by the way people unitedly live here and loved the country. So, the love for the beautiful religion will come natural.

Darren is also great friends with Shahid Afridi and Javed Afridi and stays connected with them outside of the PSL too. It is a time of great joy to hear that he is wishing to enter Islam due to his love and inspiration with the religion. May Allah pave a smooth and easy path for him to embrace Islam and its widespread beauty with ease.

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