Are you willing to buy this credit card sized dumb phone?

Dumb phones are making a re-entry, as Nokia’s new 3310 has already hogged the limelight, and this new credit-card-sized phone will make you wonder its use. Another dumb phone to be included in the list is Talkase T3 – unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year. This phone with a size of credit card can also be used as the smartphone cover.

The phone was initially launched in 2014. It is sleek and slim GSM mobile phone, targeted at those who are fed up of burdening themselves with over-sized and heavy smartphones all the time.

Are you willing to buy this credit-card-sized dumb phone?

Talkase not only functions as a sole phone but it also connects with smartphone with the help of Bluetooth, being stored into a specially designed iPhone case to be carried along with your special smartphone. On the other hand, this has been termed among the dumb phones because it does not contain the basic elements that are present in a phone including app support, internet connection and a camera.

Are you willing to buy this credit-card-sized dumb phone?

The only purpose that this credit card sized phone could positively serve is that it comes with 100 hours of standby time and 2.5 hours of talk time. This is why it can become a backup phone for all those who run of battery all the time, and miss on to their important calls.

The best part about Talkase? It comes with a price as cheap as $33. So, it won’t even cost you a fortune to buy it and will be your companion when you are out and about, striving to find battery for calls.