CPLC identifies

The Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has put forward the list of 60 areas in Karachi which are at a greater risk of increasing street crimes.

The names of the areas identified by CPLC include Hassan Square, NIPA Chowrangi, Sakhi Hassan, Bahadurabad, Tariq Road, Do Darya, PIDC, Defence, Clifton, Aisha Manzil, and Clifton.

As per the details revealed, robbers roam about the roads of North Nazimabad to Five Star Chowrangi, Qalandria Chowk; looting cash, mobile phones and other valuables from the passersby. Furthermore, the food street at Hassan Square is also a red-zone when it comes to thefts, as criminals’ loot and plunders people without the fear of police. The Safari Park route, University Road, Jail Chowrangi, Bahadurabad, Tariq Road are also vulnerable to dacoits and thieves. The road leading to Do Darya from Sea View is another high-risk zone due to gunpoint robbery and mugging at its peak.

According to the recently issued CPLC statistics for 2016, the street crime grew by 38%. Also, 19,336 cases of mobile snatching were reported, 22,358 motorcycles were snatched – rising by 24% from 2015. Conclusively, the only good news to come out of the report was that the car theft decline in the preceding year.