Courage to continue

By: Laiba Zubair

I’ve always wondered how it feels to experience a failure?

How people recover, put themselves together, and rise again?

What is it that makes them stick to their struggle even after failures?

It has always been a mystery to me until I went through one.

You know what it takes to have a flavor of failure in the lives of people who only have known the taste of success?

Everything! Literally everything!

It takes away their confident, determination, dreams, hopes and whatever anyone could ever imagine.

And this is the time, when people are at their worst, worst; a phase where everything gets crystal clear.

Where people leave like you never existed.

Where everyone behaves normal except you.

Where people demotivate you, when the only thing living within you is hope.

Where you get to know who were the real blessings, the ones who stayed even after you pushed them away.

Where all you needed to hear was that, ‘it’s okay to fail sometimes.’ And all you heard was that, ‘You’re over dramatic.’

When you’re breaking apart and there’s nothing that you can do to fix it.

Failure is a nightmare for everyone. The feeling of nothingness; where one second u feel motivated and the other second no one is as distracted as you are.

Your dreams await your working but you’re not able to put yourself together.

When every inch of your soul has given up. Then, suddenly , somewhere deep inside you someone shouts, that voice inside you tries to make you remember your dreams, plans and every single thing you’ve ever worked and wished for. But it’s hard to listen to these voices when for you everything has already been messed up. It just takes a little courage to let that voices win.

The courage that picks you up so you can rise again.

This was the time I realized that nothing counts; not the no. of times you failed or felt apart, what counts is the courage to continue.

The courage to rise and shine again.

The courage that makes you ready to follow your dreams.

I’ve always heard that people learn from failures and I learnt.

I learnt that people won’t be there for you every time but you, yourself, have to be.

That there’s nothing that breaks us, it’s just a new level of sadness we encounter; like for a child breaking his favorite toy is the end of the world, But is that really that bad? Nope.
I learnt that being healed and being strong are two different things.

You cannot wait for the time you’re healed so that you can pursue your dreams but you should be strong enough to put yourself together with a smile and face everything.

I learnt that the courage is the greatest of all things a man can possess, as it’ll never let you down. Because,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal,
it’s the courage to continue that counts”