This country has jailed twelve people for their Instagram photos

About twelve people have been jailed in Iran for posting pictures on Instagram; being termed as ‘un-Islamic acts’ in the country’s ‘Spider II’ program that initiated in March.

Spider II program has been launched to take action against such online activities which are deemed inappropriate by the government.  More than 170 people have been arrested under this program, by the Iranian authorities.

In the recent wave of the arrests made under the program, twelve people have been sentenced to prison with punishments ranging from five month to six years. A total of eight women and four men have been publicly convicted of the crime, putting up inappropriate pictures on Instagram, and are barred to leave the country for about two years after their sentences are over.

Instagram is the only widely acknowledged and used social networking site in Iran since Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have been blocked by the authorities. In the same project, seven modeling agencies were banned last November for “endangering moral security and public order,” and in May, eight other people were arrested for photos they posted online.