This country is getting its first ever ‘Human Library’ where you can borrow people

Instead of a book, now you can borrow a human being for 20 minutes and hear their story, dispelling prejudices and leaving the participants with a wider perspective. It isn’t a very complicated concept? Delhi is arranging very first Human Library event on June 18. The event will take place at Innov8 Co-working space in Connaught Place, where it will begin at 2 PM till 7 PM. Each participant will be able to choose from 11 Human Books.
“The books we have are completely different from the ones that the other chapters in India have. This whole event is actually a voluntary initiative, where we connected over Facebook, spoke to friends and their experiences. And we met people who agreed to share their story to spread awareness about what they wish to talk about”
Neha Singh, the Delhi Chapter’s book depot manager said.
This maiden event in Delhi is expecting a turnout of 500-600 people, who will sit down and participate in a 20-minute session. Delhi’s first Human Library initiative might help everyone find that human connection once more.

Delhi’s first Human Library event is taking place on Sunday, June 18th between 2 PM and 7 PM at Innov8 Co-working Space, Connaught Place.

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