This continent has most Facebook users around the world

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking platform, there is no doubt in that. However, there has always been a doubt on which country or continent has a majority of followers and it has remained under question. Now, the statistics by social networking giant has stated that ‘Asia’ has the largest number of Facebook users around the world.

In the history of Facebook statistics, it has happened for the first time that Asia has grabbed the most number of followers. Even though the continent is largest in the world but due to the countries with reserved mindset, it had a slow paced development.

As per the statistics revealed, a daily figure of 39 crore 60 lac uses Facebook. Moreover, within the past two years, the Facebook users have increased by 57 per cent. This is the largest progression ever in the rate around the world.

It was also revealed that the earning of Facebook was also increased in the past 15 months in Asia.

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