Columbia University accidentally accepts application of hundreds of students

Over 200 Columbia University students went from ‘all smiles’ to ‘all lows’ in just a week after being accepted at the Manhattan Ivy League institution, but only by mistake from the administration department. The admissions office had inattentively sent out the acceptance letters and later revoked them all in a follow-up email. They claimed that the letters had been sent by mistake, little more than an hour later, leaving some pretty heartbroken students in their wake as the New York Times reports.

“We deeply apologize for this miscommunication,” the second email read. “We value the energy and enthusiasm that our applicants bring to the admissions process, and regret the stress and confusion caused by this mistake.”

This is just another mishap in a long line of accidental acceptances sent forth to students by mistake, which have become something of a time-honored tradition at colleges across the country.

Columbia joins this tradition with Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, UC Davis, Johns Hopkins, and more over the last few decades who have raised the kids’ hopes only to dash their dreams.

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