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This TVC best depicts, “Some moments in your life feel better with eyes closed”


“The fun will continue for life, it won’t stop, every moment of this life is enjoyable, because all the moments of this life are definitely worth living.”

Coca Cola has always lived up to the idea of enjoying, enjoying every moment of life when it is worth enjoying and living up all the dreams when they are worth living. And Coke’s latest TVC is no less for taking each and every dreamer to the journey of eternal bliss and happiness. Because it rightfully states that some moments of life are best enjoyed with eyes close.

Though the actors are foreign, the cinematography of the commercial paired with iconic song “Ao Wahan Chalein” in the voice and music by Shani Arshad definitely takes you to the ride of fun, laughter and never-ending happiness.

Cheers to Coca Cola for letting each and every viewer enjoy the sensation of the places they want to be, and the places they want to visit in just a minute of all the excitement and fun. The creative juices definitely flow in abundance from this ad.

Because, Coca Cola definitely takes you to places!

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