Chit Chat with Syed Moeiz, Sr. Sales Manager (South Region) – Outfitters

Chit Chat with Syed Moeiz, Sr. Sales Manager (South Region) - Outfitters

BM: Tell us about your professional and educational journey. What made you choose sales as a profession?
SM: I started my career with a restaurant chain of McDonald’s Pakistan, when I was just in college. I began working as a crew member and continued enjoying my initial work experience for about 7 years; indeed an amazing tenure of my professional life. In the meantime I also studied and completed my graduation in business subjects from the University of Karachi.

BM: What are the driving factors required in a staunch sales professional?
SM: I believe that becoming a staunch professional, especially in sales, comes from your very core inner feelings and consistency. To become a rigid sales person, you need to be “Positive” and “Energetic” at all times. In my point of view, a successful sales professional needs to be very attentive, smart, cool minded, empathetic, attentive with a pro-approach personality and with optimum level of hospitality. It is with these values that you can become a devoted professional, taking your business approach to new heights.

BM: What key factors should be kept in mind while dealing with consumers and clients?
SM: Well, any business in the world exists just because of the customers. Whether it is retail, wholesale, oil & gas sector, or software house etc., a business solely runs on the production and proper management of goods and services which are to be sold. An existence of a business depends on the needs of customers and cliental; and cliental is purely based on the services you offer. Thus, the more you help and care for your customers the more you and your company will grow, generating good revenue. It’s a fairly simple and straight logic.


BM: Outfitters has become a big name, how do you manage to maintain its reputation among the masses?
SM: Actually the market growth and goodwill of Outfitters exists on four major elements. These are; Product Line, Quality of the Product, Competitive Market Price, and Customer Management Services. I believe that we, as one of the largest retail outlets in Pakistan, are focusing on all the essential major elements that are required to maintain market reputation and customer loyalty.

BM: How would you assess your progress in creating a more client-centric culture?
SM: It is a commonly known fact that strong, customer-centric culture offers organizations an organic and sustainable avenue to get better results. However, we should acknowledge that such cultures do not emerge and flourish on their own. Leaders who better understand the building blocks of strong customer cultures will have an edge when it comes to implementation, shaping, and sustaining them.  The stakes are always high; the efforts you put could prove to be the difference between growth and stagnation for companies competing in an era characterized by heightened digital competition.

BM: How do you maintain the growth and progress of Outfitters?
SM: To maintain the growth and progress we form; strong strategic planning for seasonal product development that meets customer satisfaction, quality assurance, increasing customer data base, take flexible approach to increase business units/retail stores, and maximizing values for our people and customers especially when Outfitters is growing.


BM: How do you maintain the quality control and assurance of your products?
SM: We maintain the quality control and assurance of the products that we offer at Outfitters with:

  1. Test Properties of fabric chased to develop any product
  2. Knitting Specification
  3. Making-up Specification
  4. Test for Physical Properties of Garments
  5. Liaison of Quality Control with Cost Department
  6. Subsequent Alteration
  7. Analysis of Results of Quality Control Checks
  8. Analyze obtained results to fix the appropriate quality
  9. Quality Control in the Design and Development Department
  10. Modifications to the development sample must be noted for inclusion in the final specification
  11. A proper flow diagram must be established with appropriate time factors, and all personnel concerned should be informed of the duty and timing of their part
  12. Q.C. can be involved in development at an earlier stage by sampling new designs

BM: Fusing western clothing in Pakistani culture, do you have to face issues with the type of clothing’s you promote?
SM: Not at all! Actually we are catering the young generation of Pakistan, which loves to wear Western clothes in their routine life; in college, universities, offices, parties and gatherings etc.; people admire our brand. Outfitters is just par the customers satisfaction – who want to buy and wear fascinating western world class designs at economical prices. In Pakistan; Next, Zara, Gucci, Levis etc. are international brands and are easily not accessible to each and every single buyer. But Outfitters is there to facilitate them in almost every major city in Pakistan at affordable prices.

BM: How do you meet the customers’ demands in a flexible consumer market?
SM: Our system is very strong such as designing, sampling, manufacturing processes are cost effective with output range and certain time frame, which meet the customers demand in the market. As you may already know that the market is very tough and competitive, so we need to maximize our flexibility.

BM: What design aspirations does Outfitters keep in mind while launching any range?
SM: We strongly focus on the world’s latest fashion coming innovations; of course, we depend on the season ahead so our whole preparation is likewise dependent on it. We focus on trendy, colourful, stylish and comfortable outfits that suit our customers’ mood. And so far, I think we have been successful in introducing new design changes in the market.

BM: What future plans do you have in mind with regards to innovation and promotion of the brand?
SM: Alhamdulillah we have a very good reputation among western brands with Outfitters and Junior. We are now focusing on our third Eastern brand which is well-known as “ETHNIC by OUTFITTERS”, having strong standing amongst other brands of the same niche. Our aim is to remain one of the leading western wear in Pakistan, and you’ll witness more success story with “Ethnic” IN SHA ALLAH.  For taking our brand to new heights of success, we have a very strong synergy among our support and operations team. Our design team is working day and night for new developments, our project team is extremely busy in establishing more sales units or retail stores nationwide, and our front operations team is there to take care of our prestigious customers and brand image.

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