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China’s artificial Sun (EAST)

EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) or HT-7U is a custom-built fusion reactor that has operated in phases since 2006.

Like many of the world’s tokamak experiments, EAST has reached fusion before. As a refresher, inside the doughnut-shaped (or, sometimes, more spherical) containment of a tokamak, sun-hot plasma swirls in a circle that’s held in place by supercooled electromagnets.

This magnetic field is the only thing floating between 360-million-degree plasma and a bunch of human-made materials that obviously can’t sustain that temperature. The plasma results from smashing different nuclei together, fusing them rather than splitting them.

In simpler terms, this is China’s solution to zero waste energy to the people of China at a cheaper price. This can run the entire country due to the amount produced and this can easily give China the global dominance they need, in terms of trade and technology. However, despite the results, it still will take several years for China to achieve that, but you never know.

China’s “artificial sun” set a new record after it ran at 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds. That is a new record! For 20 seconds, EAST also achieved a peak temperature of 160 million degrees Celsius, which is over ten times hotter than the sun. These figures are amazing and have shocked the scientists working on EAST because such potential was never seen before.

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