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8 things you didn’t know you could get for free on flights

As exciting as it might look, traveling comes with a huge price. After spending a lot of amount on a plane ticket, ​we often expect more than usual from

5 ways to evaluate the right person on your team

When it comes to your team, it is necessary to evaluate every person in your team to ensure everyone is contributing..

Do students of Pakistan eat differently from those across the globe?

Food is undoubtedly the first love of every student, but what cuisines actually get . . .

Your Stake – Your Ideas

This article is written on how people can share ideas in their offices, business meetings, with their clients or with competitors.

The first big career choice you make can haunt you for years

It can be awkward to ask for more money from your employer, especially when you start a new job.That one last conversation

Porsche’s Car Mission E – Tesla’s rival or “killer

Welcome Porsche for an opening to an electric dynamo, the Porsche Mission E, an all-electric car that the Volkswagen Group...

Crave Eat Repeat

If magazines are dead but not the cover when you see yourself on it right on the front face...

Is a college degree a guarantee for success?

A college degree is not a guarantee for success. Education has its own significance but it is not necessary to be successful. Walt Disney, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs....

A good night’s sleep impacts your happiness more than a pay rise – Study

According to a study, sleeping has a far more profound impact on well-being than . . .

Bitcoin and the future of Money

Bitcoin is an example of ...

How to make your week productive.

Our brain is more functioning how to protect us from the hard work but its actually a choice...

Japan wants to invest $10 billion in Uber, but there’s a catch

Japan's Softbank is in talks with Uber about a massive $10 billion investment in the company, according to a report in