Your Boss doesn't like it when you come to work late

Getting up early is one of the hardest things for people who are working. But did you know that starting your day earlier offers many benefits? Yes, according to recent survey it is said that people who wake up early and go to work early, stays fit and healthy for the rest of their lives and also they feel energetic as compared to the days when they wake up late.

One more important thing about waking up early and showing up early at work is that it leaves a very good impression on your Boss and who doesn’t want to impress their Bosses? Everyone wants to be in the good books of their manager and showing up early at work is one of them. Employees who get in early are generally supposed as more reliable and receive higher performance ratings than employees who get in later; even if the early-arrivers leave earlier, too. If you are coming in late and then keep looking at the time and are the one leaving office as soon as the off time comes, that as well doesn’t really leaves a good impression.

So if you’re one of the employees who come late at work, its better that you change this habit of yours and be in the good books of your Boss. As it is said early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. So follow this saying and you’ll definitely see the positive change in your routine.

Have a happy work day!

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