Once mighty Smartphone brand BlackBerry files a lawsuit against Nokia

Once mighty Smartphone brand BlackBerry might be a history now, but this isn’t stopping it from filing lawsuit over a patent against slowly and gradually reviving Nokia.

BlackBerry’s recent lawsuit is based on the accusation that the Finnish phone company Nokia interfered with the copy rights of the company’s 11 patents. The nature of the patents was basically based on mobile networking including “Detecting the number of transmit antennas in a base station” and “Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation system for MIMO-OFDM systems”.

The patents in question were basically bought by BlackBerry with its acquisition of Nortel, which had to auction itself due to bankruptcy, for $4.5 billion in 2011. Nokia had also tried to buy Nortel but failed and thus copied the ideas of patent without any official grant.

BlackBerry has demanded compensation from Nokia, alleging that the latter had even cited the patent, which in itself was proof enough of the illegal copying.

What turns out of the case remains to be seen, but both the companies are trying hard to revive into the Smartphone sector once again with budget-friendly, feature rich phones.

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