Bill Gates retains his position as the world's richest

World billionaire and Microsoft giant – Bill Gates has once again regained his position as the world’s most richest man in the after replacing current competitor Amancio Ortega- CEO, Zara, an international clothing brand.

In a show of unstable numbers and wealth, Amancio Ortega took over Gates’ position as the richest man in the world on Wednesday, after shares of his retail brand ‘Inditex’ sword upto 2.5% and boosted his wealth status by $1.7 billion in a single day. However, by Friday morning, Inditex shares dropped down 2.8%, bringing Ortega’s total numbers down to $77.8 billion.

In this game of ups and downs, Gates then again became the richest man on Earth, a title he has held for the past 17 years. Forty-five minutes later, Ortega was ahead. Then 10 minutes after that, Gates was back in the lead. And so the game goes on with a race back and forth.

The lead right now is still headed by Gates at $79.3 billion while Ortega is holding a $77.5 billion. This is to say that the race of fortunes of both Gates and Oretga will continue to vary up and down as shares of their companies rise and fall.

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