The biggest threat to Pakistan is not terrorism but climate change

Climate change is bigger threat to Pakistan than terrorism.

To Pakistan, terrorists seem a more daunting enemy than rising temperatures and sea levels. Pakistan has struggled to manage urgent crises, ranging from infrastructure woes to terrorism for decades.

According to various national and international news, floods and low rainfall have wreaked havoc across different provinces of the country over the past few years, global warming accompanied by rising sea levels pose a particular threat to Karachi- our largest city by the sea.

Karachi is not only our largest city, but also the economic hub for the country. It accounts for over 40 per cent of the nation’s GDP, and contributes around half of the country’s entire tax revenues. Therefore, environmental destruction of it would be a shock that Pakistan may understandably not be able to recover from.

The Pakistani government must prioritize its response to climate change in order to mitigate environmental threats and prevent future calamities.

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