This Pakistani bank will now pay the bill of postpaid mobile connection for its users

JS Bank has a good news for all its Business Raabta Current Account users powered by Telenor 4G. Yes, the bank is now offering all its current account users an option to avail a free postpaid mobile connection with Telenor. You definitely heard it right! Now call and message all you want & JS Bank will pay it for you.

On its official page, JS Bank announces the new service as:

“Aek account, lataadad connections, introducing JS Business Raabta Current Account.

JS Business Raabta Current Account is a technologically superior current account that allows you to make the most of your banking relationship on maintenance of an average balance of PKR 250,000.”

JS with its new Business Raabta Current Account has become the only bank in the world to offer its customers free postpaid account in collaboration with the telecommunication giant Telenor. So, the bank will pay the bill of its users for a lifetime.

This initiative by JS Bank is definitely a class apart and a stepping stone of success among the other leading banks in Pakistan. This is what makes JS a standout in banking sector with its unique branding strategies and relaxing services for the users.

What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest JS bank and open your account now!

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