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I write out of a habit as it gives me knowledge, keeps me updated and connected to the local events and happenings around the world. I believe, it's the best way to express my thoughts and ideas to the world, and to aware people on what they're missing.

According to a letter issued by the General Manager of Pakistan Suzuki Motors Ltd, Azam Mirza, to the company’s authorized..

A satirical website called ‘Khabaristan Times’ is reportedly blocked in Pakistan as Facebook page of the virtual entity claims of..

According to sources, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the visa restrictions imposed by the United States will not affect..

Social activist and blogger Salman Haider who went missing from the capital earlier this month has returned home but declined to..

According to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, a boat carrying 31 people, including 28 Chinese tourists, has gone missing..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes all the refugees and Muslims who are traveling to the United States, said that they would..

The Mayor of London expressed his views on Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries as “shameful and cruel..

Iran will ban Americans from entering the country in response to President Donald Trump's restricting arrivals from Iran and six other..

The status update which has recently been shared by the Facebook founder 'Mark Zuckerberg' blasts President Trump for shutting down..

According to the sources, the Punjab Government signed an agreement with Turkish Power Company Zorlu Enerji to set up a solar power plant..

While talking to the media, Mr Hijazi said, the SECP is not excited to see the market touch 50,000 points and is concerned about..

Deep in waters off the Spanish island of Lanzarote, accessible only to snorkelers, divers and sea life, the Museo Atlantico..

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that she will register as a Muslim in ‘solidarity’ if President Donald Trump..

For the first time in the sport's history, an awards ceremony will take place to honour the best players, goalkeepers..

According to sources, Saudi Arabia has agreed to provide Rs3.4 billion in financial aid to Pakistan for the construction of Swat..