Monday, September 25, 2017
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A student of journalism, pursuing my passion for writing. My strength lies in how I use my words to change opinions. I sniff words and keep an eye on every news. I hope to become a novel writer or an Editor, someday!

Will mentally challenged prisoner be hanged?

Human Rights come for the protection of the prisoner

CM Sindh speaks about women wearing helmets

It is a precautionary measure, not a punishment..

People allergic to water! What is this?

This rare disease will leave you shocked!

Is Pakistan building a nuclear energy site for atomic arsenal?

Bombs, Uranium supplies or just weapons?

A report reveals the real story of Pakistani police

This might be alarming but not shocking at all...

Daesh Militants in Lahore

The militants were planning an attack...

A new advancement in APS attack case

Justice will prevail!...

Tourists stopped from sight-seeing near Saiful Malook

An unfortunate news for those planning to visit...

The residents of Hunza ensure true essence of ‘Qurbani’

If only, all the country follows this example...

US won’t support Modi over Balochistan issue

There is no need to undermine Kashmir issue...

P&G hires New Global Media Director from Mondelez

A right step in the new direction...

A mother of three and alleged boyfriend killed over honour

Two more victims of honour killing...

Uber’s self driving cars are nothing short of a wonder!

Wait till you read what it can actually do...