ARY News receives show cause notice for

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a notice to ARY News for a bulletin, supposedly featuring sensational reporting. The channel has been commanded to submit its point of view by the 14th of this month.

As per the show cause notice issued, ARY News was involved in airing content on Supreme Court of Pakistan, which was baseless and was connected to Yellow Journalism in the 12pm bulletin.

Asad Kharal is the journalist who has come under fire of the accusation, He has been pointed to as affecting the current judicial investigation & case and for creating and amplifying an air of fear among the investigators.

The discussion which was referred to as sensational by the PEMRA authorities is;

Asad Kharal, a journalist was accused of spreading sensationalist views. He was also accused of affecting the ongoing judicial case and investigation and for spreading fear among the investigators themselves. The channel is required to offer an explanation on their actions for this as per the notice from PEMRA. ARY News will also be liable to a Rs. 1 million fine, even a ban on airing the channel. Their broadcasting licence may also completely revoked by PEMRA, if found guilty. As per the notice, ARY News was also be asked whether they will be facing PEMRA as a channel or will they offer up the reporter to justify his reports on his behalf. Previously Dr. Shahid Masood was banned by PEMRA for any TV appearance for 45 days, for almost similar reasons. How ARY News responds to this new notice is still to be seen.

ARY News will have to pay the fine as much as 1 million and can also face a complete ban. Moreover, if found guilty, the broadcasting licence of the channel can also be withheld.

The notice has also allowed the channel to be free regarding their presence in the court or if they want to only represent their reporter, to stand for himself.

ARY is yet to give a statement on this situation.