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Is Apple soon going to launch dual SIM iPhones?

Is Apple soon going to launch dual SIM iPhones?

Apple has been the only major handset manufacturer that has yet not incorporated dual-SIM functionality in its smartphones, but this IS soon going to change. A couple of new copyright filings recommend that Apple is considering adding the dual-SIM functionality to iPhones.

In a report by Forbes, it has been revealed that there were two patent filings in China and US that suggest the Cupertino-based giant may begin manufacturing a dual-SIM iPhone in future.

The report points to a document filed with China’s State Intellectual Property Office that portrays a dual-SIM card feature in iPhones that would allow two mobile numbers in a single device. Further, the report says that the application was submitted by Apple in March earlier this year and published in September 2016.

Apart from China, the report also points to a patent filing in the US. Notably, Apple has been approved dual-SIM functionality patent in the US last week. The patent describes the functionality as, “Some mobile devices have the capability of using multiple SIMs. Allowing users to maintain different wireless services, such as for business and personal use.”

At this moment, it is not clear whether Apple will launch a dual-SIM enabled iPhone in the future or not. There might be a chance that Apple may reveal a dual-SIM iPhone only in selected markets including India and China where majority of smartphones are sold with the dual-SIM functionality. It’s also important to mention that Apple sometimes takes patent for functionality and never uses it on devices. We will have to wait to see whether Apple is considering a dual-SIM iPhone for the future or not.

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