Recently a new debate has hit the leading news channels of Pakistan namely; GEO News, ARY News and Samaa News channel. The news relates to the recent Independence Day celebration that was arranged by ARY Networks at the Abdul Sattar Edhi Hockey Stadium in Karachi. The celebration led to a small bike rally on the hockey ground which had erupted a great debate on the news channels, opposing the rally at the event. The news was shown as Breaking News, being continuously highlighted in the hourly news headlines and bulletin. The news channels come forth stating:

GEO – 

“The recently renamed – Abdul Sattar Edhi Hockey Stadium in Karachi had new AstroTurf installed at a cost of Rs. 50 million. The stadium was the site of a ‘dog show’ and the turf was being trampled not by doggy paws but the treads of motorbikes.”


“Reasons behind decline and deterioration of Pakistan’s national game – hockey – could easily be understood now following this recent example of apathy. A video shows motorcyclists riding their two-wheelers on expensive blue astroturf in the Abdul Sattar Edhi Stadium in Karachi, formerly ‘Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium’ during a family event.
But, the officials of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) have turned blind eye to such events, leaving the sports institutions in tatters.”

Speaking to Samaa, former Olympian Waseem Feroz and Hockey legend Samiullah Khan condemned the incident, saying that the authorities should not allow such events.


“The event was an attempt to revive the national sport which has faced neglect and mismanagement, as result as which the Pakistan national team received an early exit from the World Cup, and did not even qualify for the ongoing Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The highly successful event was attended by various prominent personalities including Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Sports Minister Muhammed Bux Khan Mahar, former hockey player Shahbaz Senior and Chairman ARY Network Haji Iqbal. The permission to host the event was received from the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) and the Government of Sindh.”

The issue raised may or may not seem legit to all, but my only question is that is this war even necessary? Will this debate bring any benefit to the people of Pakistan? Why does our media forget the power it holds? Why do they tend to waste so much time in these wars in order to stand dominant from the other? Instead of these hourly debates, the media could have consumed the same time in discussing something beneficial for the people of the country suffering from various issues, from social to political, from educational to economical.