This anonymous note left on a car shows that we still have compassion for animals!

The compassion for animals and love for them is something that most Pakistanis are completely devoid of. This may sound sharp and straight out rude, but this is definitely right. Most of us tend to ignore the animal rights and even some beat them and use aggression against them, however there are people who still make us see a ray of hope in this hollow & shallow world. And, this recent case is another example of human love towards animals.

In what could be termed as the most heart-warming act of compassion, a complete stranger left a note on car reading that the the owner of the vehicle should stay alert as the dog is sleeping beneath the car. Therefore, he left the note requesting owner to stay cautious and shoo the animal away before driving.

This anonymous note left on a car by stranger shows that we still have compassion for animals!

The picture has recently surfaced on web and we couldn’t be more proud with head definitely held high. Leaving the note to beware owner of the vehicle is undoubtedly a considerate act of kindness towards those who cannot speak for themselves.

Whoever he or she was, we are definitely proud of them and wish him the best for the future and life ahead. It is because of him and such people that humanity still prevails around the world, in the day and age of dark era.

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