An Exclusive Interview with President & CEO, mcCan Orient, SYED MASOOD HASHMI

A gem born on December 27th, 1962 with a blissfill uniqueness in his life , graduated from Karachi university , started professional career via Marketing and Advertising chunks followed by the PR from the City College Management sciences (London). His student career began which boosted up confidence via his educational skills and experince grew older and lead him towards a successful journey.

Syed Masood Hashmi , the name which it self is self explanatory . He is carrying a vast field of experience over 29 years In Advertising and Marketing field, with a remarkable achievement holding the designation of Ceo of mcCan Orient . Being indulging his career as the CEO he served precious years of his life to build up an organization as sample technique. His hard work pays off and now formely elected as a President of Marketing Assosciation of Pakistan (MAP) followed by annual general meeting held at local Hotel . His professional career is always been ravishing for the professionals, as this achievemnent is an auspicious delegation of hard work and sincerity to the Organization.

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BM: How did it all start?

MH: My father treated me like a peon *laughs* I was asked to do all those small jobs but I am lucky I was treated that way because I knew he loved me but that’s how you train successful people. My father was one of the few people who started advertising in Pakistan for my father his profession was more important than his own business which is difficult because your personal gain is always prior to everything. He achieved the pride of performance award and then sitar-e-Imtiaz and many more. Actually he instilled advertising in my mind that I am the director of orient. At that time it was orient Advertising; it was very big but not modern. I always use to think when I was in college why we did not have multinational clients and good advertisements. Soon I made a new office, hired smart people. A company should always hire people smarter than them.

BM: Your company introduced scholarship programs in 2012 in many universities, how is that coming along?

MH: We do a lot of student support programs and to be honest in my father’s time it was bigger than this as he used to give scholarship to students from top universities especially in journalism and Urdu language but this has been discontinued because of some reasons. Nevertheless in this new company we do a lot of collaborations with universities; we go there talk to students we even support them. Though I am on the board of governors of IOBM I go to LUMS and IBA also.

BM: We have heard you provide the lowest CPRP (Cost per rating point) to your clients, which has gotten very big and loyal companies like Reckitt Benctiser to opt for you instead of others?

MH: Reckitt Benctiser has a very cost conscious model I am telling you as it is not a secret, they pitch clients every year as per policy which is very peculiar as you do not talk to anybody you just talk to a computer. I gave them what they wanted all along you always have to think out of the box.

BM: How do you take your competitors?

MH: Love them! They make me better. You know people grow and sometimes they grow better than you well, good for me.

BM: Is there any dream client you want to work with?

MH: Many many clients, can’t name anyone actually I’ve already worked with a lot of clients but you know good things are never enough, you want them all.

BM: Are your brands loyal to you? Have you ever faced betrayal?

MH: The fact is consumer are loyal to brands first brands are trademarks then they become trust-marks then finally they become love-marks. The most expensive space is the space in your mind for a consumer as it takes time to build.

BM: Seniority is overviewed negatively in our industry; do you prefer hiring fresh graduates or experienced people?

MH: Both, it’s not about age you should always hire people with different qualities so they can work together efficiently. A company should understand that you cannot motivate people but you can hire motivated people and provide them with an environment in which they do not get demotivated.

BM: You have branches in all major cities of Pakistan, What city has given you most business?

MH: Karachi! Off course Karachi.

BM: How would you comment about the progress of the advertising agency?

MH: If the economy goes well, the company goes well. Pakistan is an amazing place, its achieving. We are heading towards a future where mistakes are going to be okay as I would like to say, “Even a raised eyebrow can kill an idea.” So always appreciate people thinking out of the box and never raise an eyebrow at them.

BM: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

MH: Future is beautiful.

BM: What is the secret behind your success?

MH: Work hard and trust in Allah but off course hard work. Lots of duas and prayers. You should keep in mind money is a bi-product solve problems first.

BM: An advice you would like to give to people coming into your field that you learnt during the process of building your company.

MH: They’re no golden rules of success only hard work and Allah’s blessings. You enjoy something when you achieve it not when you just get it.

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