Nidal Turjman – CEO Emaar Pakistan completed his MBA, CPA and BS in economics, his grasp of professional opportunities has been diverse, Mr. Nidal has over 20 years of international experience working with several leading investment groups in the GCC region. These included Anwa Group, L’azurde Group and Safir International, managing private placements in USA and France. He has also been engaged in real estate investments in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco which played the key role of gaining exposure to distinct markets. Taking over the title of Emaar Pakistan’s CEO is yet another experiential journey for him since he has led the success of Emaar’s project in Syria from its inception in 2006.
BM: You have served in Syria for a long time and have been around the globe tell us a bit about your experience.
NT:  My experience has been my weapon during struggle and efforts to develop the concept of real estate investments. Emaar Project in Syria has been one of the successful developments of international markets, Syria has been one of the remarkable challenges I have faced in life. Syria’s success has been a great mission to be achieved due to narrow scope of real estate developments and the country’s recession crisis being another challenge. However with the professional risk management and the structured development plans adopted, we secured customer and stakeholder’s interest and delivered success although of all obvious challenges.  Being associated with real estate plans, strategies, researches and executions of diverse cultures, I had absorbed the ideology that had to be implemented.

BM: Give us a brief view of Emaar Pakistan?
NT: Emaar Pakistan is all about the promise to change the landscape of lifestyles in the country. It aims to introduce modern living through a combination of upscale life elements and amenities such as health, retail, commercial offices, leisure and entertainment. Emaar has sowed the seed of Crescent Bay in Karachi and Canyon views in Islamabad to further exhilarate the local population’s property investment and realty endeavours. Emaar Pakistan is a proud initiative of integrity and innovation that is accompanied by social responsibility. The mission of reviving the nation’s landscape undertakes foreign expertise, technology and skills to bring about the best Emaar Pakistan may offer.

BM: What are the challenges the real estate sector is facing in Pakistan?
NT: The world is going through constant changes and a multitude of pressures. Hence, delivering a promise is a challenge itself, since it’s related to many third parties commitments and compliance which required to be leaded to deliver our promise… Emaar Pakistan as a subsidiary of Global Real Estate Developer, Emaar Properties; has further responsibility to develop related industries that will help Real Estate sector to improve as it is in developed countries;  we participate in developing the construction and real estate consultancy businesses to ensure quality, commitments and compliance with international professional standard. We focus on credibility and product development, while market is floated by different products that non comparative to non-specialized customer; hence regulatory guidelines will help to secure customers interest; however, market has its own dynamics which will retain only the best, and this is how Emaar passed successfully and retained as the best Developer even in hard times and real estate crises.
BM:  Where do you see the Pakistani & international property market in the next five years?
NT: Pakistan and international property market have bright prospects in the next 5 years. Growing urbanization, the need to innovate and time has changed the property market in the longer run, within a very short span of time. An overall increase in purchasing power coupled with the desire of high standard living is another factor augmenting the performance of the real estate sector in Pakistan.  Migrations from rural to urban areas and the urban cities seeking even better lifestyle fuels the progress of the sector well ahead of time. This leads to an increased demand within the property sector which improves dimensions furthermore. Under the given scenario, we are confident of prosperous years ahead of us.  Presently, real estate sector has entered its booming period and the coming years are very promising for the real estate sector in Pakistan as well as the international market.

BM: What are the key factors behind the success of your company?
NT: Emaar has tasted the fruit of success through hard work and adherence to its values. This includes our primary value of customer focus that derives innovations for a better living, ultimately aimed by people from various cultures. Next is the importance of open communications which practices transparency and accountability not just towards our customers, but our work place as well. Lastly, our strict belief that intrinsic assets like the human resource and work environment need to be passion driven and note responsibility centre, is what keep our progress steady and our spirits high enough to excel with our establishments. All these traits together make up the success of Emaar.

BM: Enlighten us a little about the new offers of Emaar Pakistan?
NT: Currently Emaar has all its research and development vows dedicated to the establishment of Canyon views in Islamabad as well as Crescent Bay in Karachi. Canyon Views is an upscale gated community designed with exquisite architectures and exceptional leisure facilities. It is a range of town homes and villas lodged with easy access amenities. Crescent Bay is a mix use project, provides modern lifestyle, this project consists of over 54 towers, where we provides, residential, office space, retail and leisure facilities, in a gated, high-tech and creative architectural signature buildings. It is located at prime coastline of Karachi in DHA accommodating over 4000 luxury residential apartments and penthouses with a range of prices, styles and luxuries one could imagine. Emaar Pakistan intends to launch variety of residential and commercial complexes for Canyon Views & Crescent Bay soon and further come up with similar revolutionary projects in the coming years.

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