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Amir Liaquat is all set to gift people planes this Ramadan


Amir Liaquat has earned himself quite a fame; be it her controversial televangelism, political views, or Ramadan shows. And since the day he has joined BOL, it seems that the man has attached himself with bigger and better news’ to go by. Coming up with yet another enticing offer for the audiences this Ramadan, Mr. Liaquat is all set to gift people planes, luxury cars, plots and much more.

Amir Liaquat is all set to gift people planes this Ramadan In a recently surfaced picture on social media, Amir Liaquat is seen posing along with houses, cars and planes. Seems though, this year it is BOL whose TRPs would be skyrocketing with gift worth millions being spent just on a day. Moreover, according to the sources, it would be 3 planes, 60 cars and 30 houses, which will generously be distributed among the participants of the show.

Though it has been mere hours that this picture has surfaced and no other details have been revealed yet, it seems that the entire social media is already ripe with the rumours and speculations regarding what more this show has in store for us.

First things first, BOL has come up with ideas and initiatives that have managed to grab the attention of audiences and masses alike in great numbers. But, with Ramadan just around the corner and Mr. Amir Liaquat already under bag, we think that we already have an idea as to which channel will be breaking records and entertaining audience this time.

So, are you all set to get tickets for the biggest Ramadan “gifts” show ever?

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