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Americans labelled ‘Tulsi Pan Masala’ as the new drug in town


Tulsi is a renowned pan masala that has hit the US state of Ohio hard. The media and police officials are going crazy thinking it is a new drug in town and that teens are eating it and getting high.

Public health officials in Ohio have warned central law enforcement agency to keep a keen eye and lookout for this drug coming from Pakistan.

The World Health Organization labelled it a carcinogen, but police said teens are chewing betel nut to get high.

According to the details by WBNS-TV, the matter came into light after several students were caught chewing the ‘pan masala’ at the Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus after which the police were alerted about its recent existence.

Police say the students were visibly ‘off balance’.

Health officials have also warned that it links to oral cancer and tooth decay. Public Health food inspectors are still scouring markets to remove the product.

The funny part is that these Americans are giving so much importance to Tulsi and not marijuana or crystal meth, which are actually the most common drugs in USA, along with ecstasy, LSD and cocaine.

‘Hum Jisay Lajawaab kehte hain, Americans usay drugs kehte hain.’

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