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Aleppo citizens are giving heart-wrenching final messages to the world


People in Aleppo are filming their final good byes, as East Syrian city becomes the excessive target of bombardment and terrorism.

Although the news updates and live coverages may have concealed it a bit; lives of the entire population are at stake due to relentless air strikes. The bombs are striking, again and again, till the ruthless attackers see that the areas are cleared and have been completely devoid of humans.

The desperate Aleppo citizens pray for rain, so that the bombardment may stop for a while and they may get to live for few more hours.

Where is humanity? Where are the preachers of benevolence, mankind and empathy? Where is the self-proclaimed peace spreading organization – United Nations? When is the aid going to arrive for people who have lost their families; people who have seen their father, mother, children, siblings, being killed in front of them?

Syria needs attention! An action needs to be taken against all those who are killing without the fear of consequences. The world needs to stand against the evil forces destroying generations; and stand with firm conviction and belief that there may come a time when peace and justice will prevail.

STOP THIS! Every life is important and every drop of blood being shed has its own tale to tell. Each and every person, capable of taking action, is accountable for all the lives being lost and will be justifiable to those who asked for help!

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