Aeromobil & Pal-V Liberty- the first Flying cars finally make their debut

Just a few time ago, flying cars seemed like a thing of past to us all. But, now the two prototypes of this up and coming world-changing technology have finally made their way to the automotive scene around the world. The two initial samples made their launch on the French Riviera, at an event showcasing “Supercars” in Monaco.

Sloval and Dutch companies revealed their first designs as world premieres in the tiny well-heeled principality. Bratislava-based Aeromobil, first prototype faced an accident nearly two years ago, is once again all set to hit the skies with a new generation of flying vehicle.

The Slovak firm’s spokesman Stefan Vadocz, while explaining the technology behind the new flying car, stated:

“We are taking reservations from today for deliveries expected in 2020, after the process of (regulatory) approvals is completed.” 

The Aermobil vehicle, in its specifications, is a six metres long four-wheeled car spanning over nine metres. It is capable of unfolding its wings, through which the car cum plane will be able to fly two passengers at a dashing speed of 260 km/h for up to 750 kilometres. As for the price, when you get world’s first with a lot of specifications under bag, expect it to set you back between 1.2 and 1.5 million euros.

On the other hand, in the same show, the Pal-V Liberty – the Dutch rival of Aeromobil also debuted. The car is crossover and is more compact with length spanning at four metres. The plus point of the car is that it gets an edge over Aeromobil with the availability to be launched next year, if officials approve it as per security. The orders for a vehicle are already up with cost between 299,000 and 499,000 euros.

The Dutch flying car is a gyrocopter with three wheels and a retractable rotor. It can carry two people at a cruising speed of 160 km/h for between 400-500 kilometres.

It is “one of the safest flying machines on the planet,” able to fly “whatever the weather conditions,” say its designers.

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