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A car that could travel up to 1,150 KMs in just one liter!

A car that could travel up to 1,150 KMs in just one liter!

Automotive industry is at its boom today, with new and advanced cars being introduced every now and then. This is why the manufacturers have started to focus more on building cars that are fuel efficient and may travel up to mighty kilometers in a meager amount. Owing to the increasing need and advancement in technology, hybrid vehicles that provide better mileage have become the most convenient choice of all the travelers. But, you might be in for ease.

Students belonging to Université Laval from Quebec, Canada have achieved the feat of traveling fast, far and wide without even the heavy expense of fuel. The students have succeeded to achieve this goal by their winning participant for this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. The best part about this vehicle that made it win the race is that is can go 2,713.1 miles per gallon (1,153.5 kilometres/liter).

It was just the previous year that these same students won a prize for their prototype that lasted 2,585 miles per gallon (1099 km per litre). With the intended speeds of 14 km/h to 32km/h, the car has a horsepower of two, which is possible due to its powerful body, aerodynamic shape and light weight.

The vehicle was tested on the runways of Detroit, Michigan test track in the US.

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