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These are the 9 best places in the world if you want to be an entrepreneur!


Being an entrepreneur is something we all can only dream of, but only few of us can implement it to perfect execution. Starting something of your own and taking it to heights sure require a lot of efforts and hard work, before you can even think of getting recognition and name. However, in markets like Pakistan, it becomes quite difficult to establish a business from scratch. Almost everyday, startups here have to face defeat and pack up there business.

But, this video tells you the best 9 places you need to be in, if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur:

This video represents the index complied by market research firm Y&R and Wharton University, which collected data from a total of 80 countries, accounting to 95 per cent of GDP worldwide.

Australia, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and Germany – bottom to the top.

All these countries mentioned in the video have been found to be extremely welcoming for new businesses and startups, with tendency to integrate a wide variety of companies and products.

So, what are you waiting for? Wished to be an entrepreneur your whole life? This might be your best bet!

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