These 79 Universities are declared illegal

More than 79 private Universities in Punjab have been confirmed as ghost universities by the HEC. These ghost universities are institutes that are recorded on paper but have no physical existence. Some of them even have ghost teachers and students.

Due to complaints by many students, an investigation committee has been set up which will take action against 4 other universities aside from the 79 mentioned’ ones.

These 4 universities are:

University of South Asia
Superior University
Global Institute
Lahore Leads University

Dr. Nizam-ud-Din, Chairman HEC, said that students have been banned from going to any college or institute associated with a private university for admission.

According to the list provided by the HEC, there are a number of other fake universities/educational institutes in other provinces as well. There are 36 of these in Sindh, 3 in AJK, 11 in KPK and 4 of them are in Islamabad.

Click here to see the complete list.

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