More than 60 ...

More than 60 women consider suing Google


More than 60 women including current and former Google employees are considering suing Google claiming sexism and a pay gap.

Reportedly, The Silicon Valley company have earned less than men at Google despite equal qualifications and comparable positions and have struggled in other ways to advance their careers at Google due to a “culture that is hostile to women”.

“They are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience. Despite similar positions and qualifications, he said, some women said they make less than male counterparts in salaries, bonuses and stock options. Google is not alone in Silicon Valley,” he said. “The goal of the case is to not only get Google to change its practices, but to encourage other Silicon Valley companies to change their pay practices as well.” Eric Finberg the Man Behind Google’s Brand-Safety Crisis, said.

However, in reference to the women considering legal action, the spokesperson said: “Sixty people is a really small sample size.” He added: “There are always going to be differences in salary based on location, role and performance, but the process is blind to gender.”

The former Google manager said it was upsetting to hear about the high standard deviations. “It just makes me feel a little sick. That’s a lot of missed income for me personally and the people on my team.”

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