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50 best Smartphone Apps of the Year !


We are about to leave 2016 behind, which has become an year of the technological advancement and era. We have become supremely reliant on our Smartphones and laptops to work on.

So, as the end of the year approaches various technological analysts have gathered list of the best 50 apps of the year. And for your convenience, here they are;


Venmo, available for both iPhone and Android, have become a fad of this year; especially when it comes to teens. The app has become a go-to cheque splitter among millennials. Don’t worry about cash change when you have Venmo!


Available or iPhone, Messages is a feature-rich messaging platform which comes with the third-party apps, stickers, and fun graphic effects.


Available for both iPhone and Android, Signal is an encrypted chat app used by politicians, business people and whistle blowers worldwide. It offers complete end-to-end encryption, meaning that you won’t be able to see the text sent with the contacts you already have.


Snapchat, initially, launched in 2011; but with its tremendous changes in the version it stood side by side in competition with Facebook and Twitter in 2016. Apart from fun, it is becoming a part of businesses too.


Who doesn’t know Pokemon Go? The game employs its players to find the Pokemon from the real world, and oh man that’s fun!


More than 55% of the world population has WhatsApp as the first choice for the messaging app. More than 187 countries use it, it doesn’t need a testament strong than that of the popularity of the messaging app.


NPR One is the one-stop platform for all the music and FM lovers. The app, based on your preferences, gauge which music you like and later when you do not have the access it plays as per your mood.


NYT Cooking  is a venture by New York Times, which lets you forget your cooking blues whenever you are out of recipes or do not have an idea on what fancy to cook.


There are bundles of apps streaming in, but none and no one could outpace the love of music Spotify has developed in us.


A cute mysterious puzzle made of snow in which bobbly black creatures are being rolled into the snow. Players have to stack the snow in a neat row, for the furry creatures to walk to. It is one of the most enjoyable app of this year.


Prisma is the recent snap editing app, which has taken the entire world by storm. To reminisce 2016 and not to discuss prisma and its charismatic effects would literally be a shame.


White Noise is a sigh of relief if you have a toddler or a baby who shakes the house when it is time to sleep. The app produces the soothing sound whenever your baby cries and puts them to sleep.


Why use words, when these customized emojis can easily let you express your feelings. The app didn’t receive much of the mainstream attention, when independent, however Snapchat acquiring gave it a boom.


Google Translate has been our real favourite when it comes to put the words, phrases and sentences and to get their exact translations in return.


Breathe is an official app for Apple Watch, which let the users take a short span during the day for deep and relaxation breaths so that they may get along healthy for rest of the day.


Brain&Brain’s folklorish adventure is a real-life portrayal of the game that our life is full of farce and delights. The three bearded men move through the journey of their life with adventures and fun.


Amazon Alexa converts your Smartphone into a remote for your echo internet-connected speaker. It comes in handy when you are too far from your remote and want to slouch on the couch listening songs.


Recording best moments have been fun when you go to trips and adventures, however, it becomes difficult when you have a lot of videos and you want to make a new best one. Quik does that! It takes all of your videos, picks the best moments and combine them to make the most wonderful video of you life.


Mint is the old app, but it is still liked, used and enjoyed by many. The app takes the information from all of your bank accounts and maintains them to make a budget and allot it to you, so that you may stick to it in hard times.


Google’s Gboard app pulls Google’s powerful search engine into text conversations, making it possible to find answers to questions or seek restaurant suggestions without leaving a chat.


Day One is your digital journal – the one you can ‘hear’ back to when the days are gone. Instead of maintaining the diary, Day One allows you to record the snippet of videos.


Crashlands is where killer aliens meet goofball storytelling and yes it is one of the most high-end, modern fight games.


Boomerang takes your pictures and stitches them to make a mini video like snap which pauses and continues giving you a funny effect.


Google Trips scans your gmail and get all the inormation regarding your flight info, hotel details and schedules your trips without any hassle of going out and about.


Untappd taps on the areas you never would think of! It means that you can scan the QR codes and save them later to see the details of products and services etc.


Refurbishing its design, Vevo has got the new interface along with all the music videos you ever wanted to see.


Alto Mail eases the routine of corporate and business professionals by compiling all the important information of the mail and saves it virtually in the form of notes, so that you may look into them later for references or other use.


Combining the people from anywhere in the world, Houseparty lets users merge together for a video party!


When there are multiple people sucking onto your internet, it can be hard to stream anything. Netflix’s Fast.com app is faster than any app you will have ever used. It instantly loads the speed of the internet you are connected to.


News hounds or twitter freaks might not want any introduction of the app. Nuzzel scours the Twitter and provide users a roundup of the important tweets.


Reddit introduced its official app, this year, with activities from the platform combined to make the experience newsworthy for you.


Sorcery 4 is the fourth installment of the sorcery series and as the name suggests, it takes you to the world of witchcraft and wizardry.


Streaks is a gentle reminder of the bad habits the user has and when its about time he has to change. It will help you take baby steps to change them.


Tribe is the new app in the lot which makes the use of snapping combined with the third -party features. Whenever the user makes the video and some particular word, the app takes that and puts the search along with the keyword on screen.


Google Allo combines the power of Google’s artificial intelligence into its app and handles all the queries and tasks as the assistant.


Microsoft Pix might be the official camera app- a replacement for iPhone. It is also one of those high-end app which utilizes AI to find the subject of the camera and snap the picture.


Picniic is a little picniic app for you and your family, where you all can combine to organize your schedules in coordination, plan picnics and other reminders together.


Apple’s Swift app lets the children learn programming in the most effective way possible. Moreover, it also lets them write their own codes.


When you see some important piece of news or article and don’t have time to read it, Pocket becomes your Pocket friendly notebook. It saves you desired stories, so you can read them later.


Waze is the profitable rendition of Apple Maps and Google Maps. Apart from informing you of the way, it also gives you data about traffic jams, construction sites, and other issues around the area you want to go to.


Dichotomous games surrounded by the mysterious thrones, the game is the perfect version of finding the reign of thrones.


Super Stickman Golf 3 is the mixed version of Mario’s Super Bros, and Angry Birds. The only difference is that you will have to play golf in these erroneous places.


Insight Timer is just the modern version of our timers but with much much better tone that may give you peace when it is time to wake.


Calorie Counter is your literal calorie counter. All you have to do is to input all that you have eaten throughout the day and it will give you the data of all the calories you have stuffed.


Warbits takes the idea that teams of infantry, armor and aerial vehicles form Advance Wars and are squaring off over moderately sized squarish maps, then adds an online mode that’s pretty much the definition of how to do turn-based, 1v1 or 2v2 strategy on a phone.


There are dozens of deals available which let you visit your favourite destinations. But, it is difficult to select a deal to go forward with. Hitlist provides you with the hittest idea to take a idea.


Beam is the video-game streaming app which lets the users choose their own way of playing.


Prism is the prism of unsure, ambiguous games and puzzles which will give you the chance to play with the geometry.


Meditation Studio is a studio for your meditation and practices. It lets you organize your yoga, health and sleep schedules properly.


Bandsintown is for the concert lovers who scour people just to know a concert happening. It has a calendar display that lets you check out which singer is playing on a given date and where.

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