5 ways to use Snapchat for business

By: Umar Shahzad

Are you thinking of some ways to strengthen your business? To increase your community engagement and brand awareness through some ingenious ways. This is where Snapchat comes in handy.

There are significant platforms that you can use to give your business a boost up, one of those well-known ones is Snapchat. This thought must have already popped up in your mind that Snapchat is no doubt, one of the fastest growing social networks. With the user growth extending to almost a 100 million people, Snapchat is no longer behind other social media platforms in the race of global marketing strategies. Given the growth of this platform, it must’ve been hard for you to believe that Snapchat was launched just 4 years ago.

There’s a reason why most of the brands are using Snapchat in today’s era for business purposes. Snapchat stories get over 1 billion views each day, on average. That’s quite an audience.

This platform provides you with some very creative and handy tools which include adding filters, music, text and emoji’s to make your Snapchat stories even more interesting that hence attracts more audience. Moreover, it also provides you with different paid marketing options that you can use in order to meet the specific goals of your business.

 Sounds great no? So why should you not use it to get the benefits.

Here’s a glimpse of some ways to use Snapchat for your business.

Intensify your brand perception with Snap ads

One of the great ways to grab the attention of your particular audience is through the Snap ads. These are full screen vertical videos that appear between the stories for 10 seconds.  The cost per add is madly modest contrasted with YouTube and different outlets. So cheap that even small private companies can manage the cost of it. The publishers can also give the users a choice to swipe up and view your content in more detail.

Keeping this real

You yourself are a human and so is your targeted audience.  Put something interesting to attract their attention, something that amazes the user. Go for the same thing over and over again, you lose their interest. Sure you don’t want that right?

The actual aim of using Snapchat is to increase the sales, but you’re supposed to develop a strong relationship with your audience in the first place. Go with something that could gain their trust. In addition to posting interesting and unique content, you should also be engaged with them in the form of responding in a personal manner.

Use of interesting videos

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, videos on Snapchat take less time and less cost to produce.

The videos on Snapchat can be viewed for a short time, so turns out that your videos don’t really have to be of the same standard or excellent quality. You’re not competing with anyone here.

For example, you’re dealing with cell phones. Why not make a small video of unboxing iphone 7 that has been launched recently, changing the wallpapers or password, or describing some new features of it. This would interest the audience, because they do want to see the reality and learn new features.

Use Snapchat Geofilters to advance engagement

Snapchat provides you with two types of customized Geofilters that business holders can use to take advantage. Starting with cheap ones, you have the On-Demand Geofilters which start at just $5. Talking about the costly ones, one can go for the Sponsored Geofilters that can cost in hundreds of dollars.

What are geofilters? These are the small art graphic objects that Snapchatters can use when they take a snap in the location of your choice. The purpose includes explaining why, where and when they took the snap.

Know this; Geofilters have ended up being an exceptionally compelling strategy for acquiring new businesses. The best thing about these is they even work if your campaign in less location-specific.

Drive increment in the purchase goal with Snapchat Sponsored Lens

Sponsored lens in another great feature that Snapchat provides. Using these, the users can play with the interactive ad you’ve made. To activate these, the users simply press and hold on their faces. To add a fun element to this, some of these lenses include prompts like “open your mouth” to trigger some interesting animations. The users normally play with these for around 20 seconds and when they’re done playing, they can easily send these to a friend of post as one of their stories.

For example if you’re marketing for lipstick, you’d surely want your audience to wonder what their face would look like in it. This is where the Sponsored lens comes in handy.