48 million Twitter accounts are completely 'hoax' - Study

A new study conducted by the researchers from the Indiana University and University of Southern California has revealed that a whooping 48 million Twitter accounts are just bots, and hence they are merely a hoax. It means that the tremendous amounts of re-tweets, follows and likes that you see everyday might very well be done by these bots.

The research has also revealed that more than 1000 features have been used to identify bot accounts on the micro-blogging website in six different categories. It also estimated that between 9 to 15 per cent of the active Twitter users are just bots. Moreover, this estimate does not indicate the accounts that are spam or fake, but the accounts that are automated. It means that there is a separate percentage of fake accounts out there too.

Twitter, on the other hand, stated to CNBC that not all the bots are bad but many have found to be beneficial. However, in what nature remains to be known.

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