According to reports, 20 international pro wrestlers from different countries including Canada, Japan and United States are to visit Pakistan by next week and hold wrestling events in different cities.

The news broke out with immense joy seen for the local fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The wrestlers will be seen in WWE-styled action in Pakistan in May as well as November this year.

Pakistani professional wrestler Baadshah Pehalwan Khan will be seen accompanying the other wrestlers. “Pakistan Will Rise” or “Pakistani Kissi Se Kum Nahin” are his taglines, being a representative of his homeland “whose only purpose is to show to the entire world that he’s the only conqueror from Asia and a noble warrior of Pakistan”.

20 pro wrestlers set to arrive in Pakistan next weekIt seems like after the success of the Pakistan Super League Finale in Lahore, other international sports are ready to make a come back in Pakistan.

20 pro wrestlers set to arrive in Pakistan next week

Recently, former Brazilian footballer and FIFA champion Ronaldinho also visited Pakistan in a bid “to promote the sport in the country”.

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